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Whiskey Face


was formed in the early part of the millennium by two white suburban punks, 

over liquor and hard drugs: 

Scotty G, a certified dead man, forced from his home in Indiana by a semi-active police manhunt

Rome E Roam, a security expert from Florida, specializing in explosives and unarmed-combat.

They spent the better part of a decade travelling the world on credit, writing 

songs and auditioning drummers. After their first choice was eaten by Rastafarians, they eventually settled on Smiles the Clown, a young entertainer found 

stumbling through the Northern wilderness on a six-week peyote trip.

Now,   Whiskey Face roams the country, keeping the tradition of true DIY punk 

alive by dodging bills and playing all-original, drink-till-it-stops-hurting hardcore 



Whiskey Face

combines all forms of true punk music, playing a full set of original songs. A loud continuance of groups like Bad Religion, Propagandhi, and the Dead Kennedys, WhiskeyFace is the perfect band for independent bars, clubs, and festivals, and fits on the bill with bands playing any style of aggressive rock & roll.


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Whiskey Face